Vertical UFO Recorded by a Woman in Mexican State of Baja - The Indian Tribune

The Indian TribuneVertical UFO Recorded by a Woman in Mexican State of BajaThe Indian TribuneA woman has filmed a hovering alien UFO in Mexican State of Baja, California. The video has gone viral on social media. It has also become a debatable topic among the alien experts. Most of the experts are saying that this is the first alien UFO ...Do aliens watch us? Vertical UFO spotted in Mexico's night sky in this astonishing videoThe TeCakeAncient Aliens? Footage of vertical UFO flying over city in Mexico captured | Watch VideosNews NationA video captures vertical UFO-like object in the skies of Mexico; Are aliens watching us?Science ExaminerTdnews -International Business Times, Singapore Edition -Kaplan Herald -Morning Tickerall 15 news articles »...

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