Redundancy payout nightmare after bank transfer error sends stranger money

Moving funds about is getting ever easier thanks to technology, but so are the chances of sending them to the wrong placeLife as Sam Woods knew it changed in July when his employer went into administration. The 31-year-old was one of 50 workers who lost their jobs when their company called in the receivers. But while his colleagues soon received statutory redundancy pay, Woods, who had worked for the firm for 10 years, waited in vain. Five weeks later he discovered his bank account number had been mistyped on his online claim form and the £3,470 he was due from the Insolvency Service had been paid into a stranger’s account.Woods and his colleagues had not been paid for their last two weeks of employment and it was a month before he began receiving jobseeker’s allowance. Without the redundancy money he was unable to pay off his rental arrears and was obliged to move out of his shared flat. When his insurance payments bounced he had to give up his car. Continue reading......

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